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So you’ve heard about Web2.0… SO WHAT!

What’s the big deal, what does it really mean?

The best interpretation of Web2.0 I’ve heard and I’ll paraphrase it, “Web 2.0 revolves around the social aspects of the web, where web sites, services and companies are creating entire networks of user driven content“.

Take YouTube, MySpace, and Flickr for example, great ideas, great web tools, but if you were to take the users and their content out of the system you would be left with an empty skeleton of a web site.

What is BlogRushh? (and no that’s not a typo)

Oh wait, you mean you haven’t heard of it yet?

It’s soon to be one of the Top Blog 2.0 tools available online…
And let me give you a quick tip, drop whatever you’re doing RIGHT NOW… and go get an account because in 3 months from now when the rest of the blogosphere (and the Internet) has adopted it to call their own, you’ll be left wondering what happened.

Oh and did I mention that it’s 100% FREE, and it will drive hundreds if not thousands of highly targeted visitors to your blog?

Let me give you just an idea of how powerful this concept is…

I installed the blog rush widget on my site exactly 5 days ago and I’ve already had 53 other bloggers join BlogRushh which has now earned me 451 syndication credits today alone and 1,909 in only five days.

But what are “Syndication Credits” you ask?

Good question… It would be a challenge to try and write out a simple explanation of this, which is why John Reese put together a great video demo of how the system works.

Take a look at it and let me know what you think by posting a blog comment.


2 Responses to “ - Highly Targeted Visitors”

  1. DOUG ILES Says:

    Will BlogRush work for someone, like me, that does NOT have a blog?


  2. Segovia Smith Says:

    I don’t know for sure if it will work for non blog sites, technically I would think it might because it’s just a small piece of JavaScript that you embed on your page, however they have a very detailed human review process that you might not get past if you are not a blog. You’d have to check their terms of service.

    I’ve received several hundred qualified visitors from over the past few months since they launched and I’m amassing a huge collection of syndication credits so that if I wanted to start a second blog I could begin to rout the traffic to both of them at the same time. Very cool ;-)

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